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Julia Labelle · Ohio Escort

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...Is precisely how I hope to make you feel upon walking through my door.

I will greet you with the warmth and familiarity of a long lost lover. I will make you feel comfortable in your own skin, and we will spend our time together savoring each other's company.

Whether you are seeking intellectual conversation, a relaxing escape from everyday life, or an exciting encounter in which to explore your fantasies, I will see to it that leave my home satisfied and smiling.

I am an educated young woman with a Bachelor of Science and a career in my field. Currently part way through my second degree, I aim to eventually attend graduate school. In my spare time I enjoy literature, video games, bike rides, long walks with my dog, and various forms of nerdery. I dabble in many hobbies and artforms, but my longstanding passions are food, music, animals...

...And people. One of my greatest joys is pleasing others, and meeting one such as yourself provides me an avenue to do so in one of the most wonderful and intimate ways I can imagine.

I pride myself in being a sincere and genuine companion. When we meet you will not see any sort of act or facade, only me. It's the only way I know how to be. I welcome all visitors regardless of gender, orientation, color, or ability.

Julia Labelle

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