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Samantha Tegan · (317)927-8667 · Ohio Escort

Updated: May 28, 2018

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You are not a kid...

You have no interest in visiting a dark, sticky bar to pick up a drunk, giggly coed. You are a man of class, style and distinction. Yet, like any busy, successful man, you occasionally find yourself desiring the gentle, sweet companionship of a lady of quality....

It is my greatest pleasure in life to offer you the sympathetic ear, nonjudgemental company, soft kiss, sensual touch and gentle caress that you desire and deserve. Nothing gives me more pleasure than meeting a true gentleman, making a new friend and bringing your fantasies to life.

I am not a girl....I am a grown woman, educated, intelligent and successful. I hold a Master of Fine Arts degree from a well-respected university. I have worked in the professional arena and excelled. I am well-traveled, extremely articulate, up to date on current events and able to fit seamlessly into any situation....

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